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We have two different types of stencils for your screen:


Photo Emulsion Stencil:

We use a UV light to burn/place your image onto your silkscreen. Has a long lifespan. If you would like to change your design on the screen purchases a Screen Revival


Screen Revival:

You send us your used screen, we strip/clean it off for you. We replace your images or send it back blank.


Vinyl Stencils: 

Which allow you to interchange multiple designs, quickly and easily at a low cost.

You can purchase them pre-cut or create your own by hand using are Blank stencils. You can use these on any of our blank/uncoated screens.

You place your stencil on the flat side of the silkscreen highlighted with the shiny silver foil.


Alphabet Stencils 

Once you have placed your letters on the screen, you need to mask off anything you don't want to print with masking tape.


Photo Emulsion
Coated Screen
Blanks Silk Screen
Ready to use with vinyl Stencils
Alphabet Vinyl Stencil
Screen printed wooden sign using Dinky alphabet stencils.
Squeegee to squeeze the ink across your design!
Dinky Screens Vinyl Stencils Printin
Silk Screen, Vinyl Set, Squeegee, Inks & Instructions All In The Tin.
Garden Birds Screen Printing Vinyl S
Pre-Cut Vinyl Stencils
Blank Vinyl
Ready for you to cut your own design.
Dinky screen printing inks
15ml screen printing inks tubes for textile and paper
Screen Printing Inks
120ml screen printing inks tubes for textile and paper
Printed samples
Dinky screen printed sample
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Your artwork can be designed by hand/ computer rendered. Your design needs to be black and white only, no grayscale. 

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