Screen printing Bundle Kit it's a great for starting point it comes with everything you need.


Equipment :

2 x dinky silkscreen

1 x Squeegee

1 x Dinky instruction


Vinyl stencil  

1 x blank vinyl set

1 of our most popular vinyl set designs design ( Butterfly, Hearts, Pretty Bird)



1 x Primary Colours Printing Inks Set 5 x 20ml Inks

1 x Bright Colours Printing Inks Set 5 x 20ml Inks

1 x Foil.

You get two silkscreen so can used two different designs at onces, 3 blank vinyls so you can create your own designs.


The recently revamped design makes it easier to remove from your dinky screen. Not all parts of the vinyl will be salvageable but you can still use the vinyl as a silhouette.


Screen Printing Bundle Kit

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