This Christmas screen printing kit is great for starting out as it comes with pre-cut adhesive vinyl stencils, which allow you to interchange multiple designs, quickly and easily. You can also create your own stencils at home.


Each vinyl stencil is 16 cm x 13cm and each design is no larger than 12cm x 9cm.

3-4 different adhesive vinyl designs of the perfect size for dinky silkscreens and help create beautiful crisp patterns on paper, card, wood or fabric.


Whats inside the tin?


1 x A5 Aluminium silk screen 55T. To stick your reusable vinyl too!


3/4 x Reusable vinyl.


1 x Squeegee to squeeze the ink across your design!


3 x inks, black plus your choice of two extra colours.

(All inks are machine washable.)


1 x Dinky instruction, so you can get the best out of the kit.


How to place your screen printing kit order:


1. Pick your 2 Inks

2. Purchase Kit


Dinky inks colours are designed for light coloured materials.

Dinky opaque ink colours are designed for light and dark materials

Available with this Kit for extra 50p Opaque White, Opaque Gold.


They are both machine washable on fabric when setting with a household iron.


Also, have a look at our primary & bright ink sets or foil range to achieve different printing effects.


The recently revamped design makes it easier to remove from your dinky screen. Not all parts of the vinyl will be salvageable but you can still use the vinyl as a silhouette.


Christmas Dinky Screens Vinyl Stencils Printing Craft Kit

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£30.45Sale Price
Inks 15ml Tube 1
Ink 15ml Tube 2