Dinky Screens Bright Fluorescent Colours Printing Inks Set
5 x 120ml Inks - Red, Yellow, Blue, Opaque White & Black. With a mixing pot & colour guide booklet.


With this set, you will be able to mix your own colours, such as bright fluorescent colours and pastel shades.

Dinky Inks are water-based & solvent-free and can be used on paper, card wood or fabric. 


When set on fabric with a household iron the inks are machine washable.


Dinky inks colours are designed for light coloured materials. 
Dinky opaque ink colours are designed for light and dark materials.

Also, have a look at our primary & bright ink sets or foil range to achieve different printing effects.


Perfect for any craft project such as scrapbooking, card making and textile projects.

5 x120ml Dinky Screens Bright Colours Printing Inks Set Dinky Screen x 20ml Inks