Extra Vinyl Sets

Screen Printing Vinyl Stencil Set Only 


Our fabulous pre-cut vinyl stencil designs.

Each set has a 3-4 theme design from animals, pattern, flowers and much more.The design size is no larger than 12cm x 9cm and stencil out sizes is 16cm x 13cm which is the perfect size for our Dinky silkscreen

Uncut Vinyl Set

You will receive blank vinyl which you can create your own designs by drawing on the back and then using a craft knife or die cut machine to create your imagery.


Alphabet Stencil Set

Each pack has everything you need to add text & numbers to your work. With added extras - punctuation, hearts and stars for that finishing touch. Each letter and number is placed in 2.5cm by 2.3cm rectangles to make it easy to construct words.

Extra Inks
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