Dinky Inks, foils & Glue

Dinky Screen Printing Inks are water-based & solvent-free and can be used on paper, card wood or fabric.


Dinky inks colours are designed for light coloured materials.

These are also great for overlapping prints as they are semitransparent and build different colours as you print.


Dinky opaque/pastel ink colours are designed for light and dark materials.

Dinky opaque are designed for light and dark materials

They can be mixed together to make your own colours or mixed with white opaque to make pastel shades. 


Heat Changing Paints

Our thermochromic paints, Change colour when you apply direct heat,  Whether it’s your hands or the Sun the dramatic change is amazing.


Dinky foil

Are transfer foil which you use with waterbased screenprinting glue to create a beautiful metallic design on your paper, card, wood or fabric.


All inks and foils are machine washable once set.